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What to expect from the newsletter

A healthy dose of creative problem solving, moments of joy, and small business recommendations.

Thanks for subscribing! Now for some housekeeping.

The newsletter gets published every fortnight, usually sometime over the weekend. I'm deeply respectful of peoples' time and bandwidth so posts range between 750 - 2,000 words with some imagery or videos to break things up. It'll be divided into three sections:

a problem that needs solving

I'll state a problem we've faced or are currently facing at the shop, provide context for it, and explain workarounds or solutions that the team have come up with.

Alternatively, this would be the space to review an event or milestone that deserves  to be celebrated due to the roller coaster of emotions that is small business ownership.

foraging for joy

The idea of choosing to find happiness in the little things life places at my feet has been the biggest antidote to keeping this endeavor from overwhelming me entirely.  I am someone who overthinks and often prioritizes work and duty over self-care. This section is a way for me to celebrate a non-work thing in the hopes it might make you happy too. :)


Fellow small businesses, interesting books I've read (or pretended to), food I've eaten, drinks I've consumed, etc. I'm no tastemaker, and I stubbornly like what I like, but I'm banking on the chance I find something you may not have come across before.


Pretty straightforward, right? I hope you're as excited as I am to read the freshest edition.